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10 Free Best Trending Font Families for Body Text in 2024

June 17, 2024
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Choosing the right font for body text is crucial to ensure your paragraphs look neat and are easy to read. Whether you are designing a book, a magazine, or any print media, the right font can make your text look professional and appealing. Here are ten free, trending font families for body text in 2024 that will help you achieve a clean and polished look.

  1. Inter
    Inter is a simple and clean font designed by Rasmus Andersson. It is very readable and works great for paragraphs in books and magazines. The font is modern and clear, making it a popular choice for many designers.
  2. Lora
    Lora is a serif font designed by Cyreal. It has a balanced and elegant style, perfect for body text. The font adds a classical touch to your paragraphs while still being very readable.
  3. Merriweather
    Merriweather is a serif font by Sorkin Type. It is designed to be highly readable on screens and in print. This makes it a great choice for books and long articles in magazines.
  4. Roboto
    Roboto is a sans-serif font designed by Christian Robertson. It is very versatile and looks good in both digital and print formats. The font’s clean and modern look makes it easy to read in long paragraphs.
  5. Source Sans Pro
    Source Sans Pro is an open-source sans-serif font from Adobe. It has a simple and professional appearance, making it ideal for body text in magazines and books.
  6. Open Sans
    Open Sans is another sans-serif font that is very popular for body text. Designed by Steve Matteson, it is known for its readability and friendly appearance.
  7. Noto Serif
    Noto Serif is a serif font by Google. It is designed to be readable across many languages and scripts, making it an excellent choice for books and international publications.
  8. PT Serif
    PT Serif is a transitional serif font designed by ParaType. It provides a professional look and is perfect for body text in books and high-quality magazines.
  9. Crimson Text
    Crimson Text is a beautiful old-style serif font designed by Sebastian Kosch. It is inspired by the typefaces of old books, making it perfect for novels and classic literature.
  10. Libre Baskerville
    Libre Baskerville is a web font optimized for body text, designed by Impallari Type. It has a classic and elegant look, making it suitable for both books and magazines.

For Logos and More Stylish Fonts

If you are looking for fonts that are more suitable for logos or need a more unique style, you can find many great options on the Salamahtype website. They offer a wide variety of fonts that can help your brand stand out.

Choosing the right font for your body text is essential for creating a neat and professional look in your printed materials. These ten fonts are free to use and will ensure your paragraphs are easy to read and visually appealing in 2024.

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